Former Clients

Jackson Healthcare (JHC) is one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the U.S. with over $500 million in annual revenue. JHC serves more than 7 million patients in more than 2,500 healthcare facilities. JHC also provides hospitals with logistical solutions for patient throughput and systemic operational efficiency.

  • Engaged by the Founder, Chairman and CEO Rick Jackson in JAN 2013 to provide strategic advice for all 17 of his healthcare presidents
  • For two and a half years, SRI worked with JHC to secure clients, address technology needs, introduce strategic partners and provide strategic advice
  • In NOV 2014, Rick Jackson asked SRI to transition from consulting to identifying potential investments and acquisitions for JHC and his personal portfolio

HealPros delivers a comprehensive diabetes retinal imaging program to nursing homes, retirement communities, and corporations on behalf of health plans.

  • HealPros engaged SRI to introduce customers, refine the company‚Äôs strategy and raise $3 million 

Amendia manufactures innovative Class II and Class III medical devices used in spinal surgical procedures (including spinal fixation systems, implants, and instruments).

  • SRI successfully negotiated a $36 million debt commitment from GE Capital for Amendia to acquire a competitor

Patientco is a cloud-based platform designed to help patients understand and pay their healthcare bills and help providers improve their revenue cycle.

  • SRI helped Patientco secure its first assisted living client with 27,000 patients

HealthPons is a search engine that allows patients to purchase and book medical appointments online.

  • SRI secured a $850,000 angel investment
  • SRI helped HealthPons raise $5 million

Martin Imaging is bringing state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to cardiac patients and their doctors, while dramatically reducing cost and risk. 

  • SRI is helping Martin Imaging raise a $3 million series A

InCube Labs is a manufacturing and product development company focused on the medical device market and creating medical solutions that change the standard of care in critical healthcare markets.

  • SRI helped InCube raise their 3rd venture fund – $200 million
  • SRI secured a commitment from the GA Board of Regents to invest $75 million to create an InCube Labs Incubator in GA 

OneCare improves health outcomes and reduces medical expenses without any cost to the consumer by empowering individuals with the tools and information they need to live a healthier, happier life and take control of their health information.

  • SRI secured a term sheet for a $6 million investment

Georgia Public Policy Foundation is improving the lives of Georgians through public policies that enhance economic opportunity and freedom.

  • The GPPF hired SRI to write healthcare strategy white papers for GA GOV Sonny Perdue and GA GOV Nathan Deal
  • SRI developed a statewide telemedicine network strategy

ML Healthcare provides healthcare services to clients involved in injuries resulting from negligence through an extensive provider network with a wide range of healthcare support and services.

  • SRI worked with the founder to find a buyer for the business

Peachtree Spine is an independent physiatry practice with 6 locations in the metro Atlanta area focused on eliminating neck and back pain.

  • SRI helped write the business plan, strategy, raise capital, secure clients and hire a management team to launch a telemedicine company

Sinapis Pharma is an early detection stroke technology company that uses low doses of methamphetamine.

  • SRI helped secure a $6 million series A investment

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